Shop Help

Shop Help

To purchase a CHUCK from this web site you will need either a Credit Card or a Paypal account. All payments are collected through Paypal can be used regardless of if you have a Paypal account or not.

We are PayPal Verified

The purchase price of CHUCKBUDDiES is displayed in Euros, Paypal will convert the purchase price to your Paypal Account currency at the point of purchase.

Delivery is FREE to the United Kingdom, €2 to anywhere in Europe and €5 to anywhere else in the World. Delivery is charged per CHUCK.

Additional Shopping Help

When you have found a product you wish to purchase simply click the "ADD TO CART" button. Clicking this button will be taken to your "SHOPPING CART". From the shopping cart page you may adjust the quantities of the products you have selected to purchase, remove and products you wish not to purchase or proceed to the checkout.

To adjust the quantity of a product in your shopping cart, change the number in the "Qty." field and then click the "Update Cart" button. The shopping cart will now have saved and displayed the amended quantity for the selected product.

To remove a product from your shopping cart tick the tick box next to the product image listed under the heading of "remove" and then click the "Update Cart" button. The shopping cart will now no longer have the selected product in it.

To proceed to checkout click the "checkout" button. You will then be taken to the checkout page where you will need to enter, your Email address & Delivery address. After entering this information click the "Review order" order button.

The review order page is the final step before being taken to the Paypal site to pay for your purchase. The review order page lists all the products you have selected to purchase, email address and delivery information you have entered. This is an opportunity to check all of this information is correct prior to paying for your order. From this page you may go back a change any of this information. If you are happy that all of the information is correct click the "Submit order" button.

You will now be taken to the Paypal Chuckbuddies page, from this page you may either login to your Paypal account or select to pay by card by clicking the "continue" link under the heading "Don't have a Paypal Account".

Following completing the information required by Paypal you will return to the Chuckbuddies web site and your purchase will be complete!